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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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(CFOA No. 84.128)



Legislation: Rehabilitation Act of 1973, P.L. 93-112 as amended. Title I,
Part F, Section 621, (29 USC 795g) (Expires September 30, 1986)

Funding Since 1980:

Year                               Authorization        Appropriation

1980               Indefinite                                $ 5,500,000

1981                   "                                               5,250,000

1982               $ 8,000,000                                  7,510,000

1983                 8,000,000                                13,000,000 .!/

1984                13,000,000                                13,000,000

Purpose: To (1) provide handicapped individuals with training and
experiences in a realistic work setting to prepare them for employment
in the competitive market; (2) provide handicapped individuals with
supportive services to permit them to continue in the employment for
which they have been trained; and (3) expand job opportunities for
handicapped individuals by providing placement services, job develop-
ment and modification, special aids, appliances, or work-site modifi-
cations which will permit employment of handicapped individuals.

Eligibility; Any public or private, profit or non-profit agency or
organization able to provide training or employment for handicapped
individuals, including private corporations, rehabilitation facil-
ities, rehabilitation associations, educational institutions, labor
unions, trade associations, State vocational rehabilitation agencies,
and social services or other government agencies.

II.    RESPONSE TO GEPA 417  (a)

A.    Goals and Objectives:

During FY 1984 the Department's principal objective for this program

o To provide handicapped individuals with training and on-the-job
experience in realistic work settings to prepare them for employ-
ment in the competitive market.

B.  Progress and Accomplishments:

0 It Is estimated that approximately 13,000 placements of handicapped
individuals will be made with the FY 1984 funds.02) 732-1345